Copper is Everywhere


For years people have been wearing copper bracelets to help with join paint and now you can see copper in a variety of products sold. For instance, Mark's Work Warehouse now sells copper socks and you can find copper compression gloves or arch supports and copper infused shoe insoles on Amazon.


The Sleep Shop (Ont) Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Therapedic selling healthy mattresses with CopperGelTM. We also offer Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam or Copper Infused Organic Latex Pillows to couple with your new mattress!​

CopperGelTM by Therapedic

The Copper Story

  • Copper is a hyper-conductive, natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral element essential for your body's health;

  • The patented infusion of Copper into Gel allows us to harness these benefits;

  • The combination of ThermaGelTM technology with the science of copper provides superior comfort and pressure relief.

Conductive Benefits of Copper Gel

  • ThermaGelTM acts as a carrier for Copper. When foam is compressed and copper-infused gel particles come into contact, conductive pathways are created in the foam.

  • This Compression Conduction is important for moving heat and cooling the sleeer in compresssed regions under the body where airflow and convective heat flow are restricted.

The Copper Buzz

  • Sleep securely with the science of Copper and the comfort of CopperGelTM;

  • CopperGel helps you stay active by day and recover while you sleep;

  • Revitalize your sleep with the natural benefits of CopperGel: a better sleep for a healthier tomorrow;

  • CopperGel stregthens, energizes and supports joints and muscles to relieve pain (including arthritis pain);

  • Energize your life with the power of Copper and the support of CopperGel.​​​

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