Pocket Coil Mattresses

You're investing in 10 to 15 years of quality sleep, so it's important to know what's inside the mattress you're buying. Essentially a mattress contains two functional components. The first is the support component and the second is the Comfort competent. Each competent can be made of one or several material and occasionally there are mattresses where the same material is used for both support and to offer comfort to the sleeper as well (for example, latex).


Your choice of components should be made based on how you feel when you lie on the mattress, how long you want the mattress to last, whether you're disturbed by your partner's movement at night, and whether you have a special need (e.g. pressure and pain relief).


Mattress Support Components

Used to make your mattress supportive and to promote neutral spinal alignment. Latex, pocket-coils, foam, innerspring.


Mattress Comfort Components

Used to make your mattress comfortable and to change the firmness feel. Dacron, foams, latex, viscoelastic, wool.


Pocket Coil (Or Pocket Spring)


How It's Made 

Pocket coil units consist of a group of tempered steel coils that have bee individually inserted and sealed into a durable material pocket or sock. Each sock/pocket is then fused to its neighbour until a large rectangle of pocketed springs results. This unit forms the backbone of a pocket coil mattress. Many of these units today also feature three different zones of coils/springs. The springs towards the feet and the head of the sleeper are made of more responsive 20 gauge steel which compresses with mild to moderate force. The springs in the centre of the mattress where the most support is needed over hips and lower back, are 18 gauge steel which gives extra support and longevity to the mattress at this level. Some manufacturers will manufacture mattresses using up to 7 zones within their pocket springs, we don't believe there is any research to justify more than three logical zones.


How a Pocket Coil Mattress Feels

Pocket coil mattresses redefine the 'inner spring' bed. Since each coil/spring is isolated from its neighbour, the mattress effectively has independent suspension which means the springs last longer and more importantly, partner disturbance is almost completely eliminated - a great choice for restless sleepers! Pocket coil beds invariable feel slightly firmer than Latex support components, and they always need some comfort component laid on top of them.


Added Benefits

Pocket coil beds are light, very cool, and do not need to be turned (flipped).


Facts and fables

Not all pocket coils are the same, it is very important to try the mattress for a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes before buying. A well made Pocket Coil Mattress provides for the most comfortable feel within a spring mattress as it is only depressed where the weight is situated providing for a body contouring/conforming feel. There's much talk in the mattress industry about the number of pocket coils per mattress. All our mattresses have high number of coils, however the higher the number o coils, the smaller each individual spring needs to be since the area inside the mattress remains the same. We advise that it's best not to look at mattresses with either excessively high number of coils (springs too small), or excessively low number of coils (springs either too large, or cheaper inter-spring fillers used).

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