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How often should mattresses be replaced and how long do they last?


Mattresses wear out on different timetables. This is due to numerous factors such as how the mattress was used (guest room, master bedroom, doubled as a trampoline for the kids), whether it was cared for properly and/or the quality of the mattress itself. Other important considerations are how personal comfort levels or a person's lifestyle and body may have changed over the years.


We encourage you to think about these things and ask yourself the following questions:


Are you sleeping better or worse than you did a year ago?


Are you waking up feeling stiff and sore?


Does your mattress have visible signs of wear and tear?


Would a new mattress improve your sleep?


If the answer is "YES" to any of the these questions, then it's time to consider purchasing a new mattress. And because people tend to overlook their mattresses and don't think abut them, we recommend that you "check" your mattress using these four questions on a regular basis (at least twice a year) to make sure mattress wear and tea isn't sneaking up on you and disrupting your sleep.

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